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Industrial & Manufacturing

Our clients span many industries meaning we can offer our workers a variety of jobs in manufacturing, production, assembly, picking and packing, printing, cleaning and driving.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Whether you prefer straight day shifts, double day shifts, twilight shifts, or night shifts, we can find the most suitable company and working hours to meet your needs.

Once you're registered with us, our experienced recruitment consultants will provide comprehensive support throughout every assignment you undertake. We are readily available via phone to assist you at every step of your journey.

It's worth noting that many of our temporary workers have successfully transitioned into permanent positions at our client companies, launching fulfilling and enduring careers.


FPR Group specializes in offering comprehensive temporary workforce management solutions. Whether you require one temporary worker or a team of 300 to meet your orders, we possess the expertise and infrastructure to support your business effectively.

Our complete temporary recruitment solutions, including sole supplier and master vendor options, enable you to minimize time spent on recruitment and focus more on your core business objectives.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch temporary staff and continuously improving our services. Our unique range of testing and assessing ensures quality, and our client reporting measures success, resulting in elevated standards and enhanced productivity for your business.

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