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CV writing tips

Here are five useful tips to help you write a basic CV.

Layout:  Make sure your CV is easy to read, employers spend only a short period of time scanning your CV to find the information they require. Use bullet points, bold text and headings to allow the reader to focus on the most relevant information.

Order:  Your most recent work history should be featured first on your CV. Make sure you provide a more detailed summary of your most recent employment. There is no need to go into great detail regarding jobs which you have held over five years ago, this can serve to make your CV longer than it needs to be.

Essential content: It goes without saying that the front page of your CV should feature your name, address and contact details. You should also feature details of your education, qualifications both professional and academic, hobbies and interests.

Tailor your CV: An employer should be able to tell within thirty seconds of reading your CV why you have applied for the position they have advertised. Do not make relevant experience difficult to find. Although it can be time consuming it is always recommended that you tailor your CV to reflect the position you have applied for.

Make sure it is free of errors: It is important that your CV is error free. Spelling mistakes, variations in font and text size always reflect negatively. Ask someone else to proof read your CV before sending.

Good luck!

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