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Our Approach

Everything we do is about you

We take great satisfaction in solving our client’s challenges by recruiting the people who make the difference. It is the ultimate win-win in business as our candidates successfully go on to progress their careers or find the work-life balance to really enjoy life. As a result, we build strong and lasting relationships with both our clients and our candidates and over the last 25 years we have enjoyed seeing their success.

Proactive Recruitment

As a modern recruiter we actively embrace modern technology and the digital age to identify great talent but at our core we are a people business. Our work is achieved by harnessing the technology and then proactively finding, talking and meeting people to gain that full understanding of what is important to them.

We represent your business

If you are a business looking for a new recruitment partner we will ensure that not only does your brand gain full exposure to the candidate market, but also our recruitment consultants will represent and sell your business professionally and consistently to attract the most talented candidates. Many of our clients use us exclusively for this reason, scattering your vacancies across many recruiters dilutes this and can weaken the perception of your brand.

We achieve this by taking the time to not only understand your business goals, but also the recruiting manager’s objectives, your working environment, where the job fits in within your organisation, the career path, the skills and as importantly the core characteristics you are looking for in the candidate.

We test and assess

A candidate’s productivity, their speed of thought, general intelligence and core personality traits can all be assessed prior to hiring them. Many businesses lose time and money by hiring on skills alone only to part company with the candidate because they fail to integrate with the team, the company culture or didn’t possess the characteristics to succeed in the role.

Our clients benefit from our full range of testing and assessing that highlights a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses prior to them committing.

We work hard for the candidate

As professional recruiters we search, interview and place over a 1000 people a week. However, it is not lost on us that for a candidate this might be the first time they have sought a new job or attended an interview in years.

This is why our friendly consultants support them every step of the way from registration to gaining a full understanding of what they are looking for and what motivates them. This enables us to bring their CV and profile “alive” and there should be no doubt in your mind why we have submitted them for interview. All of our candidates are fully prepared for their interview so that you see the qualities they bring.

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