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We have over 25 years’ expertise matching great hospitality staff, hosts and housekeepers to prestigious clients and famous events across the UK.

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Catering & Hospitality

If you share our passion for quality and excellence in everything you do, there is a very good chance we can place you in one of our prestigious clients. 

Whether you want to work for us full time hours or maybe you are a student looking for some stimulating work over the summer season, then our experienced and friendly team has a  job waiting for you!

All of our staff are handpicked for their meticulous attention to detail and a passion for maintaining high standards of service and presentation, ensuring that guests are given a world class experience.

I’ve been working with FPR Group, on the hospitality and catering desk, for various clients, since December 2015 and I’ve always been impressed by their attention to detail and informed briefing before every shift I’ve worked. Their eye for detail for uniform presentation always keeps the team of temporary workers on their toes! They clearly have their heart and soul in the business, which in turn has resulted in having a positive impact on how their teams perform. Professionalism and integrity are certainly the two most distinct traits when thinking of the FPR team.

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