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Contact Centre Solution

Requirement: A fast growing national brand that required an immediate temporary workforce of 40 customer service advisors to deal with a spike in call volumes due to increased enquiries.  All of the temporary workers had to possess previous inbound contact centre experience to hit the ground running whilst dealing with customers who had been holding for a long time.

The challenge: The client was experiencing a high abandonment rate in call volumes putting pressure on their existing work force dealing with dissatisfied customers.  Their existing recruitment partner was unable to supply temporary workers and due to the pressure permanent staff were leaving, resulting in a stretched management team now having to handle calls whilst trying to train new people. Other major contact centres were also recruiting at the same time leaving a small pool of available experienced candidates.

What FPR Group did: We set up a team led by a senior recruitment consultant who had specialist knowledge of recruiting for large contact centres. FPR Groups' 25 years experience in recruiting for contact centres meant that we have a large database of temporary customer service advisors. We were able to handpick the most suitable candidates based on their previous experience and interview them prior to starting.  The team successfully achieved the number of temporary workers required within three weeks and also ensured that everyone settled in well.

The result: Because our customer service advisors had the relevant experience they quickly brought the call volumes under control and our client was able to satisfy their customers. This led to an increase of successful call resolutions and many of our temporary workers made such an impact they were taken on permanently.

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