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Temporary Workforce Management

Requirement: Sole recruitment supplier to continually supply over a 100 temporary production staff 24/7 due to the global success of a new product and rapid expansion.

The challenge:  Too many existing recruiters working with the client creating a culture of non-accountability, with absence not being covered and charge rates differing.  Temporary staff retention poor with many new temporary workers leaving within the first week (1 in 5). Highly paid Management/Supervisory team spending time interviewing temporary workers. Client only prepared to consider temporary candidates from 1 sector/a similar client due to the retention rate. No reporting to measure the effectiveness of the recruiter or the temporary workforce.

What FPR Group did: Set up and implemented a sole supplier agreement with an account team and dedicated account manager who was available 24/7 to match the hours of our client.

Identified that temporary workers were leaving due to skill and speed issues, so we put in place effective testing and assessing and set up a benchmark so that recruiting managers had a feel for the capabilities of the temporary worker before they started.

Established real-time reporting so that our service and the performance of our temporary workers was measurable along with direct and indirect cost savings.

The testing gave our client the confidence to recruit from a wider candidate pool bringing fresh personality and drive in to the business. On search and selection process led to confidence in the temporary workers supplied resulting in managers and supervisors no longer interviewing and spending more time on their key objectives. 

The result: The partnership led to 100% fulfilment on all temporary bookings, increased productivity, improved staff retention and delivered direct and indirect cost savings.

The retention rate improved from  1 in 5 leaving in the first week to 1 in 13. We delivered direct cost savings in excess of £100,000 and the management reports supported continuous improvement which we evolved alongside our client.

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