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Can you secure the talent you need in 2018?

Can you secure the talent you need in 2018?

The employment rate in the UK remains at a record high so the candidate market is extremely fluid with the best candidates being snapped up very quickly!

With so many great opportunities available real talent has got a choice of jobs so the question is how can employers remain competitive and continue to increase productivity and profit through good hires in this climate?

We know that the recruitment process has to be quick, the interviews effective and the offered package competitive. So what else can we think about? One answer is a look at the recruitment process and develop a recruitment strategy. Your recruitment strategy should be based on your business goals.

Some strategies you may consider are : -

 Analyse the roles you have, and their turnover.

Are you finding it difficult to find one person with all the skills you need? Sometimes you have to recognise when a role requires a range of skills which is difficult to find in one person. Listen to your other staff, they are likely to understand at a basic level the skills, education and personality required to succeed. The role may have changed since you did it, ensure you are in touch with the everyday requirement of the roles in your business? Be astute enough to recognise this and adopt a different attitude to the roles that need filling. The key is to liaise with your present workforce to assist you improve your future workforce.

Ensure that the working relationships with Managers and HR are productive.

Ineffective communication between the two can often cause delays to the hiring process and ultimately costs you talent and money.

Get your employer branding right! 

The approach with the highest impact and the only long term strategy is employer branding, the process of building your external image as an excellent place to work. By proactively making it easy for potential applicants to read, hear, or see the factors that make working at your company exciting, you can increase the number and quality of your applicants over a long period. *

Stay competitive

The most effective recruiting approaches are compared against and are clearly superior to those of a firm’s talent competitors. Because competitors will quickly copy your most effective approaches, a continuous side-by-side assessment of yours versus theirs is necessary. A sub-principle applies to candidates; because the very best are always in high demand, if you don’t have to literally fight for a candidate, in most cases, you do not have the best candidate in the field. * 

Target your competitions talent

As you would expect professional recruiters excel in this arena by reaching out and identifying unique candidates. The best recruiting processes are designed to identify and successfully hire currently employed top performers. This means that the process needs the capability of identifying and convincing employed individuals who work at your competitors and may not be actively looking for a position. Unfortunately most corporate recruiting approaches are designed to attract active candidates. There may be a plethora of reasons for this but it stands to reason that to use this approach you need to be at the top of your game in your employment branding. *

 All of these strategies in this day and age rely on digital and mobile platform support, so using social media effectively is essential. If you are not sure where your company stands in the marketplace consider working with a recruitment solutions company who can benchmark roles for you and assist you in employing the best candidates available.


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