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Good temporary workers are in demand, treat them well and retain them.

Good temporary workers are in demand, treat them well and retain them.

Getting new workers off to a great start is so important, especially if you want to get the best out of people and also make work an enjoyable and rewarding part of their lives.

How you onboard and treat someone will greatly influence their first impressions, their motivation levels, performance, how quickly they fit in to your culture and crucially how your company’s reputation is perceived both internally and externally.

The best temporary workers and contractors are in demand

The UK will continue to experience an increasing demand for temporary and contract workers this year and you will find yourself in competition for their skills and services, so getting this right has never been so important.

If you treat your temporary workers well, give them an understanding of your values and mission and importantly where their job fits in to this, they will enjoy working for you. Crucially, in a market where there is demand for the best temporary workers, they will be willing to return time and again.

If you utilise a flexible temporary workforce, in 2021 this goodwill will be extremely valuable.

Create loyality and make your company more appealing to work for?

Temporary workers and contractors definitely have their favourite companies to work for, so how do you position your company in that top tier? Here are three tips to get you started.

  • Work with a recruiter that takes the time to understand your business and each job. The candidate journey starts with your recruiter whether internal or external so it’s important that they represent your company well during the screening and registration of
  • Ensure you have a sufficient induction process in place where people are made to feel welcome, part of the team and fully understand the expectations of their Workers who receive a friendly induction and are supported well on day one, are more likely to stay and will also be more productive. We’re all human after all!
  • Ask for feedback. What can be measured can be improved and surveying temporary workers is a great way to find out what people really think, it will reaffirm those things that you do well and highlight those things that you could be doing Use this valuable feedback to make your company a great place to work and to get ahead of your competitors.

I hope that you have found these three basic tips helpful, they are so often missed out by employers but getting them right will make a noticeable difference.

Throughout my time in the recruitment industry, it has always been extremely rewarding to work in partnerships with companies that take the time to get this right and the prize is a more productive, loyal and happier temporary workforce.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them or reach out to me.

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