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Hiring After a General Election is a Smart Move

Hiring After a General Election is a Smart Move

Fed up with the General Election yet? Well, there is less than a week to go, and the good news is that post-general elections are historically a great time to start hiring. Regardless of the outcome, post-election periods often bring a sense of stability and clarity, which are critical for business planning and market confidence.

A fresh government often boosts consumer belief and business conviction, resulting in people feeling more optimistic about the future. This leads to increased consumer spending and higher demand for products and services, which is great news for our economy and you.

But are you ready to capitalise?

With businesses more confident and willing to invest in growth post-election, there is typically an increase in job opportunities and good candidates willingness to change jobs. Companies across all sectors, especially those looking to expand or launch new projects, will start looking to fill numerous roles. This influx of job openings creates a lot more movement in the candidate market, opening a ‘window of opportunity’ for hiring managers to attract a wider range of candidates or finally fill that difficult role. The early bird really does catch the worm!

In the recruitment industry, we see firsthand the benefits of the post-election period. Our candidate networks become even more active as job seekers are open to new opportunities and clients start looking.

So, brace yourself for one more week of electioneering and then prepare for a busy summer, because if you are looking to add to your team or scale up to seize opportunities, now just might be the right time.

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