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Are you gambling with your productivity?

Are you gambling with your productivity?

Manufacturing companies that use a recruiter who is not interviewing, testing and assessing their temporary workers, are gambling with their productivity in 2016 and ultimately eroding their competitive edge and profitability.

The current UK employment rate stands at 74% (the highest since 1971) and unemployment is down to 5.1% shrinking the number of quality temporary workers available. Recruitment Agencies are going to have to work a lot harder to identify and retain the best temporary workers this year, but will they?

Surprisingly a large number of manufacturers take little interest in how temporary workers are being recruited. In some cases the recruitment agency focuses predominately on achieving the number of people recruited, rather than the quality of the recruits.

Companies should scrutinise more closely the standards their recruitment agencies are working to, especially the testing and assessing they complete with temporary workers before they enter your production areas.

Executives will often talk of people being their greatest asset, yet many will not have bench-marked the standard of temporary staff they require. There is no measurement taken to show how productive or skilled temporary workers may be prior to starting with them. Why gamble with your productivity like that? The standard of temporary workers effects your output which ultimately effects your bottom line.

A good recruiter should fully interview, test and assess all temporary workers before they start work. In the current market, this type of selection and assessing is essential if you want to maintain a high quality temporary workforce.

With 99% of employers continuing to state their intent to hold or increase agency worker numbers in the short-term* now is a very good time to ask these questions and assess your temporary recruitment provider.

*REC Outlook Dec 15

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