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Invest in the temporary worker journey and enhance your reputation

Invest in the temporary worker journey and enhance your reputation

Working positively with your recruitment partner and engaging with your temporary workforce can have a significant impact on your productivity, culture and reputation.

Effective Recruitment Process Outsourcing or a Managed Services Solution leads to higher productivity, strong team morale, cost savings, less turnover of staff and faster growth.

The key to getting this right is to ensure each stage of the temporary workers journey is effectively managed with your recruitment partner.

In this article I will briefly share with you 3 key areas of this journey.


Most temporary workers journey starts the minute they read and engage (or not!) with the online advert that is representing your business. Has it been written in a way that is representative of you, your values and your mission?

Positive engagement with all applicants regardless if they are suitable or not, goes a long way in enhancing or damaging reputations. I am not talking about portals or automated systems; I am talking about real people to people interaction.


Sure, you want the skills, but are you also hiring the characteristics that meet your values and fit in your team? Get this wrong and you may have issues down the track to deal with!

Testing and assessing is an excellent way to set benchmarks to recruit to, this can be carried out by your recruitment partner and it maintains high standards. It is also a great measurement of people quality.


Not only do effective inductions settle temporary workers down faster, it helps set the tone and culture of your business from day one. How many of your temporary workers have a Health & Safety induction and that’s broadly it? Honestly……

Positively getting alongside your temporary workforce to offer ongoing support is a very effective way of removing any issues quickly and helps you get the best results from the team.

On my recruitment journey, I have had the pleasure of working alongside some amazing businesses who have nailed this and it has played a huge part in their ongoing growth and success.

The above is just a summary of the key areas you should be thinking about however if you have any questions or thoughts please reach out.

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